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A Message from our Interim Director

Published on January 27, 2015 under Current Research
A Message from our Interim Director

It is always good to occasionally step back and look at what we are doing just to see if all appears up-to-snuff. With the very unfortunate death of Larry Agenbroad, I became the interim director and head of science research at the Mammoth Site. This did provide an impromptu time for the site to look at what we do in comparison to what we say we will do. In other words, what do we have written in our Mission, Purpose, and Vision. So in late December – just before Christmas – I scheduled a meeting of the ‘Research’ Associates.

One of the first things we did was to address that name – ‘Research Associates’. Not everyone on that group is active in research but they are very active and passionate in helping the Mammoth Site. What more can we ask for!?!?! So, we changed the name to ‘Science Associates’. Really it is just a cosmetic change. That group of top-notch scientists basically is the science advisory group for the Site. They do not dictate to the site or any of its researchers – just provide advice. That advice is funneled to the staff researchers and Board via the Director. All final decisions about research and the related initiatives are made by the Director and the Board.

Knowing how this advisory group is to function, it was then decided to examine the mission, purpose, and vision. We looked at these documents in the light of, “what will help guide the site in its pursuit of visitor outreach, education, and research?” What was in existence was good but slightly outdated – we had already gone beyond what the documents said we will do. My mode of operation is and has been to keep the Site moving along the path of the Larry Agenbroad legacy. Basically keep doing what was designed by Larry but move it along a little faster here and there, realign (tweak) its direction a little to keep it in tune with current, state-of-the-art science, and explore new avenues that will increase our exposure to the public and our peers in science.

I think you will see that by the end of this summer 2015, that the institution is still the ‘site designed by Larry’ but is taking the next, very exciting step – one that Larry would love us to take. We have an incredible Site staff – each one of them and ALL of them! The Science group – as I said, top-notch! I am excited and honored to be a part of the Mammoth Site again. I will keep you in the loop as the Site moves along its busy and exciting path. More soon!

–Dr. Jim Mead