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Fossil Preparation By: Monica Bugbee, MS Preparator

Published on August 30, 2016 under Current Research
Fossil Preparation By: Monica Bugbee, MS Preparator

This summer, The Mammoth Site set up a fossil preparation station next to the sinkhole where Mammoth Site interns and Excavation and Preservation Program participants worked diligently to carefully remove sediment from around ancient bones. Visitors were able to see the preparation process up close and personal as we demonstrated techniques and answered questions about preparation and the sinkhole in general.


We currently are working on fossils from a site in Sonora, Mexico called San Clemente de Térapa. Dr. Jim Mead has been conducting research at the site and recovered numerous specimens for preparation and research. The site is around 40,000 years old and provides us with a picture of what life was like in northern Mexico during the last Ice Age. Interns and volunteers have been uncovering the bones of ancient bison, sloth, and gomphotheres (and ancient relative of elephants).

Bone Photo for Preparator Newsletter

In addition, Mammoth Site interns have been working to expose the underside of Vee’s skull (83HS181) which was removed from the bonebed last summer. The skull was jacketed and flipped over before work could begin. Thus far, we have managed to uncover part of the tusk and the cheek bone. Work will continue throughout the winter!