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The Mammoth Site on the Road

Published on February 7, 2017 under Current Research
The Mammoth Site on the Road

In case you have missed the posts on our social media pages, The Mammoth Site has officially arrived in Santa Barbara, California!

The Mammoth Site team traded the snowy weather in South Dakota, for beach-side warmth in California.  The Team has traveled over 1,300 miles, crossing Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada, making a pit stop in Salt Lake City to visit the Natural History Museum of Utah.

The Mammoth Site team, consists of Dr. Jim Mead, Presston Gabel, Justin Wilkins, Monica Bugbee, and Bethany Cook. They are very excited to begin work on a mammoth skull that was excavated on the Channel Islands this past September. They will be meeting with their collaborative partners from the Channel Islands National Park and the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.


Monica Bugbee, Mammoth Site Preparator, will be spending four weeks in Santa Barbara to begin work on cleaning and preserving the mammoth skull to prepare it for further scientific study.  Look for more pictures, blogs, and live Facebook videos to capture important highlights of this experience!

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