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Brought to you and your students. Schedule an Outreach visit by Sharon or Justin! (Sharon or Justin will travel up to approximately 150 miles) The Mammoth Site Education Department staff brings hands-on items to present programs to your class. You may also request a hands-on curricular activity to be included during this school visit. Call 605-745-6017 or email sharonm@mammothsite.org.


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Mammoth Site Education Department (K-5)


Teachers & Home Schooling Parents…do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by hands-on science activities? Do you feel there is never enough time to develop, then gather the necessary resources for a “fun”, yet educational project?
Let the Mammoth Site Education Department come to the rescue with our “kid-tested” teaching aids! Schedule an Outreach visit (Sharon or Don will travel up to approximately 150 miles), or…order a “Mammoth In A Trunk” kit to be delivered to your front door, or….visit the museum to have a personal grade-level guided tour of the Mammoth Site. Pre-visit, on-site, and post-visit hands-on activities are available from September though May.

Use the Education Department’s Curricular Activities Booklets, or… purchase the Mammoth Site’s interactive CD ROM (3 hours of educational entertainment and games to be use again and again!) Shop our online museum store for educational kits, toys and books.

Grade-Level Personalized Guided Tours For Visiting Learning Groups

The Mammoth Site offers the museum visitor a 30 minute guided tour plus a 10 minute video. The tour/video information features the Mammoth Site and Ice Age Geology, Paleontology, and Paleoecology. Special attention is given to the hands-on exhibits, which allows the optimum learning experience.


The Hot Springs Mammoth Site, as part of its educational mission, has undertaken a partnership with the Hot Springs School District to design and test a series of K-5 Science units. Now in booklet form, these science curricular activity booklets are available for classroom and home schooling use. The informative curricular booklets explain each grade level activity and list the economical supplies needed. Booklets include:

  • Kindergarten – Mammoths, Mammoths, Mammoths
  • First Grade – Fossils
  • Second Grade – Animal Tracks
  • Third Grade – Topographical Reversal
  • Four Grade – Digs & Middens
  • Fifth Grade – Paleo-environments

See the Mammoth Site’s Online Gift Shop for prices and ordering information.
Phone: 605-745-6017 or email: mammothed@mammothsite.com

Visit the museum to have a personal grade-level guided tour of the Mammoth Site.
 (Photo courtesy SD Tourism)

Our Visitors Say It Best…

leaf“The Mammoth Site is not just a window into the past—it’s as close to being a true time machine as you’ll find, with some of the best ice-age fossils on the planet on permanent display.”
Ross MacPhee,
Division of Vertebrate Zoology,
American Museum of Natural History, New York City

leaf“The students examined fossil and non-fossil examples then made their own fossil imprints. The students had great fun and loved the activity.”
Savage Branch Library
Howard County, MD

leaf“We used the Kindergarten through 5th grade kits for an evening program and presentation. The parents were very impressed and the teachers loved the completeness of the lesson plans. They were easy to work with also during class time.”
Meeker Elementary School District,
Meeker, CO