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Mission, Purpose, Vision


Mission Statement:

Our mission is the preservation, research, and interpretation of The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, South Dakota, and the development of a broad understanding of the Quaternary record across a global framework.


– To provide comprehensive educational and public programming concerning the Quaternary record, with an emphasis on The Mammoth Site and surrounding northern Great Plains;
– To serve as a world-class center specializing in mammoth and Quaternary research;
– To investigate and interpret The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, South Dakota;
– To protect, preserve, and manage collections housed at The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, South Dakota;
– To foster global cooperative efforts in Quaternary research.

Vision Statement:

The Mammoth Site is at the forefront of Quaternary research, with a strong emphasis on the study of mammoths and their relatives. Additionally, we aspire to be a leader in scientific education and outreach, with a strong emphasis on educational and public programming, exhibits, and publications. We foster global scientific collaboration through on-site and related field research, and peer-reviewed scientific publications. To continue to be a primary leader in the scientific community, the long-term preservation and curation of The Mammoth Site is essential.

Our Visitors Say It Best…

leaf“The Mammoth Site is not just a window into the past—it’s as close to being a true time machine as you’ll find, with some of the best ice-age fossils on the planet on permanent display.”
Ross MacPhee,
Division of Vertebrate Zoology,
American Museum of Natural History, New York City

leaf“The students examined fossil and non-fossil examples then made their own fossil imprints. The students had great fun and loved the activity.”
Savage Branch Library
Howard County, MD

leaf“We used the Kindergarten through 5th grade kits for an evening program and presentation. The parents were very impressed and the teachers loved the completeness of the lesson plans. They were easy to work with also during class time.”
Meeker Elementary School District,
Meeker, CO