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The Exhibits

In-Situ Exhibits

The fossil bones of Columbian and woolly mammoths are found scattered throughout the sinkhole. The bones are displayed as they were discovered, in the now dry pond sediments for an “in-situ” exhibit.
Walkways allow the visitor a close-up view of the fossils. To date, 55 mammoths have been identified, along with the remains of a giant short-faced bear, camel, llama, prairie dog, wolf, fish, and numerous invertebrates.

in-site exhibit

Muller Exhibit Hall

The Mammoth Site’s Ice Age Exhibit Hall features replica skeletons of the American lion, giant short-faced bear, and pygmy mammoth. A full-sized mammoth model and walk-in mammoth bone hut are the most popular exhibits.

Many Voices: The Ferguson Collection

One of the finest private collections of earliest North American artifacts featuring Clovis and Folsom points. Found in the Black Hills and Badlands area, the Ferguson Collection is on exhibit at the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, South Dakota.

Pygmy Elephant Exhibit “Sometimes Smaller is Better”

NEWLY ADDED: Hebior Mammoth Skeleton, Environment Exhibit, & Mapping Kiosk…more information and pictures to come. OR BETTER YET, COME VISIT US!!

Our Visitors Say It Best…

leaf“The Mammoth Site is not just a window into the past—it’s as close to being a true time machine as you’ll find, with some of the best ice-age fossils on the planet on permanent display.”
Ross MacPhee,
Division of Vertebrate Zoology,
American Museum of Natural History, New York City

leaf“The students examined fossil and non-fossil examples then made their own fossil imprints. The students had great fun and loved the activity.”
Savage Branch Library
Howard County, MD

leaf“We used the Kindergarten through 5th grade kits for an evening program and presentation. The parents were very impressed and the teachers loved the completeness of the lesson plans. They were easy to work with also during class time.”
Meeker Elementary School District,
Meeker, CO